Exhibition ’Spain dances’ from 10 April 2024

Estonians associate Spain with beaches, sun, oranges, and flamenco dance. The collection of flamenco dolls in this exhibition belongs to the artistic director of the dance studio Duende, Tiina Pikas, and her flamenco dance students. Studio Duende has been operating in Tartu for 25 years.

Their collection includes a lot of flamenco dolls with ‘bata de cola’, i.e. dresses with tails. In addition, two dolls in Murcia clothes, one as a grape picker and the other in a typical Spanish woman’s church dress.

Be sure to notice the wonderful little details like necklaces, earrings, fans, matadors’ suit patterns. Also look at the gorgeous dancing poses of dolls – maybe this is the starting point of a new interest and love!

The exhibition ‘Spain dances’ has been put together in cooperation with Studio Duende and is a part of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 side programme within the framework of Tartu Toy Museum’s this year’s exhibition ‘Europe Plays’.